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Julian Assange

For once, there’s no need for a lot of words. At least no need for words written by me.
The picture below will probably tell you what you need about what I think about Julian Assange.

Julian Assange with V For Vendetta mask

W for Wikileaks

Though, if you want to read something (about Julian Assange), I’ll recommend this great article called “The Geek Who Shook The World” by Suelette Dreyfus.
If the article should be offline or something, you can get a print out here as PDF (for some reason WordPress thinks of postscript as unsafe/unsecure, FU WordPress).

Photo source: Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56676642@N07/5249698237/


I’ve been following and supporting Wikileaks for almost two years now, so I guess it’s about time I write something about why I support this organization.

My attention was first drawn to Wikileaks in February/March of 2008, when I read something in The Guardian about a whistleblower website being taken offline by court order. I remember thinking that this site must be worth watching if some evil corporation tried to silence them. I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to believing what I’m told by others, and ever since the movie The Pentagon Papers I’ve been noticing how there’s really no journalists left in the world. Freedom of speech is a bad joke at best, and the words free press isn’t neither free, nor a proper press. After some research (mostly googling and link hoppin’) I found out that this site had potential. Yes, it wasn’t a real Wiki considering not everyone could edit, but that was a good thing when it came to leaking classified/confidential/secret documents and exposing the truth. Anyways, sad to say, I didn’t donate anything to Wikileaks until they leaked the documents from the United Nations. I guess that was the thing that made me think “Holy shit, even the UN is doing this shit? How could I be so naive?”. Wasn’t that surprised when they leaked the documents about the war in Afghanistan or Iraq.

While writing this I don’t really know the point of this blog post, that’s probably a bad thing right?
I guess I just want it on the record that I’m on Wikileaks side, and that I support them both in ideology and economically. I wish I could do more. I also wish that Sweden would stop being Pentagon’s little bitch (here I had the Swedes pegged as neutral pussies) and drop the ridiculous accusations against Julian Assange. Though, I am looking forward to the next leak provided by Wikileaks, it’s supposed to be massive.

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