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Annual update

I’ve had a few questions sent to me via the contact form asking about an update. Apparently Twitter isn’t a real blogging service..

So, here goes: I’ve turned 22 years old. Yes, I know what you’re going to say. My warranty is expired and everything is downhill from here on out. But on the flip side, at least my 10TB NAS still has about 39,3% left of free space and the new (proper Intel) SSD in the Win7 laptop has reduced the boot time by one minute and 12 seconds. Fedora 13 is also right around the corner and by the beta test it’s looking really promising. In movie news, Iron Man 2 was awesome-effin’-tastic. Is that enough updates for ya?

OK, I’ll give you a real update on what’s up in my neck of the woods. I’ve been working a lot and enjoyed every second of it. I didn’t know a geeky (work) environment like this even existed. I’ve experienced a similar hackerspace in school, but that was only after 3 years of sifting out the non-geeks (their grades weren’t good enough). I’m actually glad to get up at 06:00 AM and get to work. I mean, it’s hectic and hard work, but it’s not all work and no fun. Every break we get we pull out our geek language. No, I’m not talking about us speaking Klingon or Elvish, I’m talking hard core tech speak where there’s more acronyms than actual words you’ll find in a dictionary. But here comes the weird part. Even though I’m flourishing at work I’m still extremely enthusiastic about starting school this fall. It’s 3 months until school starts, and my bag has been packed and ready to go for at least a month already. And the planning of our private little Hackerspace next year is also en route. There, that’s it. If I’m up for it there will be another blog post around the fall of 2011 or something..

Until then, STOP TRYING TO GUESS MY PASSWORDS! Seriously, you guys aren’t even close and the list of blocked IP-addresses is slowing my shit down. I’m almost considering switching from a blacklist to a very short whitelist.

Studies, studies, and more.. Studies..

Time to write something personal.. Right?

Okey, I’ll be short.. I got it my way and got accepted to HiB (my first choice), which means that I don’t have to leave my part time job here in Bergen and move for the next three years. So, in exactly one month I’ll begin on my Bachelors Degree and end up as a Computer Engineer. I’ll probably draw the line there.. A total of 14 years full time education better suffice.. For a while..

Until next time.. Stop guessing my password and use your own imagination to decide on a password..

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