Perfect drone weather

Work seminar at Solstrand Hotel & Bad with the greatest September weather ever, so I had to fly the drone a little bit. The Hotel didn’t allow drone flying on the actual premises (where guests were), so I had to take off from what seemed to be public property next to the hotel grounds.

Solstrand / Bjørnefjorden from Jan Kristian Fagerstad on Vimeo.

Miami Beach!

I just realized I hadn’t mentioned my recent vacation trip to Miami Beach, so here goes:
I went to Miami Beach and had a blast. There, I’ve mentioned it.


Ubuntu 9.10

Let’s be honest, it’s not their best work.

I tested it on my good old trusted Dell Vostro 1500 (two years old but still kicking ass because of upgrades) and I’m actually kinda shocked about what I’ve experienced in just a couple of hours. The system tray indicates I need to update, and when I click on the icon it actually says:

Your system encountered a serious kernel problem. Your system might become unstable now and might need to be restarted.

And then the whole system stalls (never seen everything stall at once in Linux before) when I try to install VLC from terminal. I know, that’s retarded.
Like that’s not bad enough, the WiFi drops in and out like two rabbits going at it. And why can’t I use the Super key to open Terminal no more?! God damn it!

*going back to Fedora*

But seriously, did Ubuntu go to far so satisfy every n00b out there? And ultimately became the arrogant loser that thinks everyone loves him?

Luckily it’s not to long until Fedora 12.

My thoughts on the show Whale Wars

I’ve been a huge fan of the tv show Whale Wars since I saw a episode on Animal Planet, no doubt about it. I’ve always been a animal lover, and seing whalers getting their ass handed to them is pure entertainment for me. And remember, this is coming from a Norwegian. You know, from the country Norway.. Still nothing? Okey, Norway is the only “western” country that still thinks hunting whales is a good ide. I’m saying only one despite Iceland (and some few people in Alaska) also hunting because Norway is the only country that filed an objection to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) commercial whaling moratorium and therefore isn’t bound by it. I know were teeny tiny country, but I’m embarrassed being part of a nation that thinks we need to hunt whales. However, what Japan is doing is just ridiculous. They accepted the moratorium but still manages to hunt almost 1000 whales every year in the name of research?

If I din’t have britte bones (read. Ostegenesis Imperfecta Type 1) I would have signed up for a campaign onboad Sea Shepherd already. If they think I can actually do some good (and not prevent them from completing their mission) I’ll probably apply for the position as Communications Officer (I’m working on my third education in the field of Electronics and Computers). I just don’t wanna end up bedridden in the Antarctic Ocean and leaving them without tech support.

But truth be told, if I had a billion dollar I would give half to Sea Shepherds. Just to be sure that they keep doing what they do best.

Right now I’ll just wait for the next season like everyone else.

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