Spotify embed test (and .rpm file)

Just a simple test of the new Spotify embed function.

And seeing how Spotify seems to have discontinued the Spotify repository, here’s a .rpm Spotify version should you need it.

Linux ToDoList

Install Fedora 15 (Beta) on a machine capable of running Gnome3 (Gnome3 does not like VMware).
Get Adobe Air + Tweetdeck to work in Fedora.
– Play BluRay movies in Fedora on Studio XPS 16 machine. No rush, almost never watch Blu-Ray on the laptop.
– Get 802.11n out of the Wireless NIC on the Studio XPS 16 (only .b and .g capable as of right now apparently). No rush.
Install proper drivers for Sunsway USB to RS232 on both HP Mini 1000 and Studio XPS 16 machines. (Update: Didn’t need drivers, only needed correct permissions)

How to install Flash Player Square in Fedora 14

If you want to upgrade your old Flash player to the developer Preview (2) release of Adobe® Flash® Player “Square” here’s how you can do it.
This requires that you already have the Flash player plugin 1.0-1. If you don’t, you’ll find instructions in the unofficial Fedora FAQ.

Now, you’ll going to need to download Flash Player Square.
Direct link to the 32-bit version:
Direct link to the 64-bit version:

When you have downloaded it, you’ll need to extract the “” file to a temporary folder (to put it where it really needs to go requires root).

Now, open up a terminal, go root:
[jk@fedora14 ~]$ su –
Password: yoursuperstrongrootpassord
[root@fedora14 ~]#

Now you move to the folder where you extracted the file called “” so you can move it to your pluginsfolder in Firefox (or other browser).
In my case I put it in my Documents/Adobe folder, and my pluginfolder is in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.
[root@fedora14 ~]# cd ..
[root@fedora14 /]# cd home/jk/Documents/Adobe
[root@fedora14 Adobe]# cp -pr /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
[root@fedora14 Adobe]#

Now, restart Firefox and open a 1080p YouTube video or something other in Flash In my case it was a lot better than 1080p YouTube video when I had the 10.1 version.

Remember, as Adobe says, you will have to manually update Flash when you have this preview installed.

My Desktop

Seeing how I agree with AdamW on his thoughts about the graphical desktop look, I felt I also had to post a screenshot of my Fedora 14 Desktop.

Here it is, go fullscreen and go bonkers.

Screenshot Fedora 14

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