Spotify embed test (and .rpm file)

Just a simple test of the new Spotify embed function.

And seeing how Spotify seems to have discontinued the Spotify repository, here’s a .rpm Spotify version should you need it.

IPv6 @home

Recently (31.01.2011 actually) had an application for a static IPv4 approved, and I’ve had my own IPv4 address up and running since 01.02.2011. Yesterday (26.02.2011) I got my account at SixXS approved, and today (27.02.2011) my /64 IPv6 tunnel approved!  I’m just a week (one week of tunnel uptime that is) away from my own /48 IPv6 subnet! Don’t know if I’ll apply for it straight away or save up some more ISK before I apply for one. As of right now I don’t even need IPv6 on the one (Fedora 14) machine, but it sure is nifty! I might just jump from to Hurricane Electric so I can get some hands on experience with BGP on the Cisco 887V. SixXS doesn’t offer BGP seeing how they don’t handle any routing themselves.

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