I’m finally done with the training period, and I’ve been checked out and found fit for duty! I had my first (12h) overtime shift yesterday! In totally unrelated news, I’ve bought a new car. Well, I’ve ordered the new 2013 version of Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sportback Quattro, it’ll be delivered sometime in March with a metric fuckton of equipment (that’s the whole point of buying a brand new car in my honest opinion). That means that next winter will be sooooo much cozier since the new car has a timed (and remotely controlled) diesel heater. This winter isn’t even over yet, and I’m already looking forward to next winter! I’ll update this post with pics as soon as it’s in my possession! Until then, here’s a pic of my cat! There’s no such thing as too many cat photos on the Internet!
Cisco (Lat. Rabiatus Umulius)


Update 12.03.2013 (exactly 6 months after I started the new job):