Yes, still alive, just too lazy/paranoid to update until now.

Some (big) updates for the (official) Internet record:

1. I’ve moved to a much larger crib (from a dorm room to my very own apartment). Where I have my own parking space, two bedrooms and a nice patio where I can enjoy as many Cuban cigars as I wan’t. I’ve already gotten my land lord (a curent, soon to be former collegue) interested in cigars (accompanied by a lot of whisky, usually Macallan or Glenlivet)!

2. I’ve gotten a cat! Or kitten? He’s born i March, so probably not defined as a (grown) cat yet. He’s called Cisco and is currently a little hellraiser, just like I wanted. He’ll probably/hopefully get lazier as they usually do with age and neutering.

3. I’ve quit my current job of four years since I landed (no pun intended, ok, maybe a little) the dream job of a/my life time. I don’t start until September 10th, but I’m really looking forward to working in a proper NOC. It’s manned 24/7, year around, and a lot of responsibilities, but it’s just what I’ve always wanted. I just have to go through 6 months of training so I can understand whatever language (lingo) the air traffic controllers are using.