Årdalen 09.10.2016

Årdalen – 09.10.2016 from Jan Kristian Fagerstad on Vimeo.

Perfect drone weather

Work seminar at Solstrand Hotel & Bad with the greatest September weather ever, so I had to fly the drone a little bit. The Hotel didn’t allow drone flying on the actual premises (where guests were), so I had to take off from what seemed to be public property next to the hotel grounds.

Solstrand / Bjørnefjorden from Jan Kristian Fagerstad on Vimeo.

Bought a new drone

My first “drone” (Parrot AR 2.0) really shouldn’t be called a “drone” when the difference between the two is like comparing horses to cars. Anyways, a friend of mine bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and uploaded some video of Ikea of all things, and the crystal clear video made me realize I just had to get my own DJI. Here’s the first video, and also some comparison video from the first “drone” I bought years ago (and haven’t flown in years). Yes, the house has (almost completely) changed colors since then, and I don’t drive a shitty Suzuki Ignis anymore, but both drones are sporting HD cameras (720p in the Parrot and 2.7k in the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced), so the difference shouldn’t be this extreme.

Too cold for comfort

I miss summer

Miami Beach!

I just realized I hadn’t mentioned my recent vacation trip to Miami Beach, so here goes:
I went to Miami Beach and had a blast. There, I’ve mentioned it.


Time off work!

Since my last post nothing really big has happened. Only thing I can think of is some broken ribs and a fuckload of overtime, but considering I have (personally) successfully trained the new guy at work, we’re now one person more than before, and we can finally take some time off work (what Norwegians call ‘avspasering’), not to mention spend some hard earned vacation days! In 2014 I’ll have to blow about 39 vacation days. Gotta find somewhere to travel.. Maybe Bora Bora?

Oh, almost forgot, we’re getting a brand new NOC at work!

Update: Here’s the end result!

Tea time!

I’m finally done with the training period, and I’ve been checked out and found fit for duty! I had my first (12h) overtime shift yesterday! In totally unrelated news, I’ve bought a new car. Well, I’ve ordered the new 2013 version of Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sportback Quattro, it’ll be delivered sometime in March with a metric fuckton of equipment (that’s the whole point of buying a brand new car in my honest opinion). That means that next winter will be sooooo much cozier since the new car has a timed (and remotely controlled) diesel heater. This winter isn’t even over yet, and I’m already looking forward to next winter! I’ll update this post with pics as soon as it’s in my possession! Until then, here’s a pic of my cat! There’s no such thing as too many cat photos on the Internet!
Cisco (Lat. Rabiatus Umulius)


Update 12.03.2013 (exactly 6 months after I started the new job):

ICMP Echo Reply!

Yes, still alive, just too lazy/paranoid to update until now.

Some (big) updates for the (official) Internet record:

1. I’ve moved to a much larger crib (from a dorm room to my very own apartment). Where I have my own parking space, two bedrooms and a nice patio where I can enjoy as many Cuban cigars as I wan’t. I’ve already gotten my land lord (a curent, soon to be former collegue) interested in cigars (accompanied by a lot of whisky, usually Macallan or Glenlivet)!

2. I’ve gotten a cat! Or kitten? He’s born i March, so probably not defined as a (grown) cat yet. He’s called Cisco and is currently a little hellraiser, just like I wanted. He’ll probably/hopefully get lazier as they usually do with age and neutering.

3. I’ve quit my current job of four years since I landed (no pun intended, ok, maybe a little) the dream job of a/my life time. I don’t start until September 10th, but I’m really looking forward to working in a proper NOC. It’s manned 24/7, year around, and a lot of responsibilities, but it’s just what I’ve always wanted. I just have to go through 6 months of training so I can understand whatever language (lingo) the air traffic controllers are using.

Spotify embed test (and .rpm file)

Just a simple test of the new Spotify embed function.

And seeing how Spotify seems to have discontinued the Spotify repository, here’s a .rpm Spotify version should you need it.

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